Baseball Notes with Clint McGill

Episode 29 - The way MLB players conquer their nerves and doubts with Lauren Johnson

April 22, 2021

Mental Performance Coach and former Yankees Mental Conditioning Coordinator Lauren Johnson joins us to share some FANTASTIC - and I mean fantastic - advice for young players on what to do when they are very upset at themselves at the plate and how to CHOOSE the actions they want to have regardless of how they feel. 


The entire episode is great but BE SURE to listen till the end, Lauren has about a 3 minute answer to conclude the episode which is as good as you are going to hear anywhere on the topic of self confidence and what REAL champion behavior is.


And be sure to check out more at  Our Bulletproof Hitter confidence training program has helped 10's of thousand of baseball and softball players to be more confident and perform better on game day, and we've added some great hitting and pitching resources too that are from the best in the business.  Find it all at

Follow Lauren on all the socials @laurennicolejohnson and her site


Good vibes sent your way, enjoy!

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