Baseball Notes with Clint McGill

Episode 25 - Playing Poorly Well

March 20, 2020

Solo episode here with Coach Clint.  In uncertain times, thoughts tend to go toward worst case "what if" scenarios.  Just like when a hitter hasn't gotten a hit in a while, they wallow through the down period as if they'll never get a hit again.

And with season's hitting the pause button and a lot of people feeling the financial pinch, I thought running through the first lesson in the Bulletproof Hitter - Playing Poorly Well - would be the best use of our time.

Some hitters have to bat near 1.000 to be happy.  And the key to big league success is being able to be even keeled and even joyful while going through a bad stretch.  And there are ways to do this.  Listen to this brief episode, take a breath and focus on your task at hand.  Whatever you may be going through, it's possible to go through it with more peace - it's available to you, just let it in.

Good vibes your way.

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