Baseball Notes with Clint McGill

Episode 22 - Building an elite athlete to increase velocity with Brent Porciau of Top Velocity

February 28, 2020

Great episode right here!  Brent is a pioneer in the kinesiology based throwing movements and has worked to dispel the old common convention: pitchers shouldn't lift, they just need to run, etc.  In this episode we talk about how conventional methods at the time failed him, his road back from a "career ending injury" to throwing harder than ever, what scap loading is and if it's actually important, how the top half doesn't matter if the bottom half doesn't move correctly, some of his favorite training products and much more.

And be on the lookout for an exciting new project I'm working on.  For those who enjoyed the Bulletproof Hitter and Parent you're gonna want to hear more about be on the lookout the next few weeks :)   And thanks to everyone who has left a review on iTunes, that is always appreciated!!


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