Baseball Notes with Clint McGill

Episode 20 - You can’t think and see at the same time - Vision Training with Ryan Harrison

February 13, 2020

A common question you've surely heard before: What percent of sports is physical?  What percent is mental?  

But here's a new question for you: What percent of your sport is visual?

100% !

And yet, how much time do you spend working on improving your vision?  If you're like 99.99% of all athletes - the answer is zero.  But there is exciting news: YOUR VISION CAN BE IMPROVED.

In today's episode Ryan Harrison from Slow The Game Down is on to share the key ingredients on how to improve vision, where a hitter should be looking as the pitcher begins their delivery, the two types of focus that players tend to use poorly, and my favorite...

How you cannot see and think at the same time.  This episode was recorded with visuals during the Youth Baseball Summit, and Ryan does a demonstration with me at the end that will blow your mind.  To see the demonstration in action go to

and check out the video (posted 2/13/2020 if you need to search it).

And check out Slow The Game Down on all the socials to see the cool exercises they do with their athletes and tell Ryan that Baseball Notes sent you!  Go get em today!!



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