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Episode 19 - How to achieve big goals with this one missing step - Mike Szczesniak

February 6, 2020

"I realized that doing things didn't matter if the things I was doing didn't matter."

Today, kids are out there putting in the effort but they are drifting through their development because they are not INTENTIONAL about WHAT they need to improve, and by WHEN.

High performance coach Mike Szczesniak ( of The Results Engine podcast joins us today to share about GOAL SETTING.  Mike is known for helping people achieve and earn more in the business space, and I think those of us in the sports world can learn A LOT from his methods and how we can get the most of the time our kids are putting in.

Because lets face it, we all want "kids to be kids" but we also don't want them to fall behind.  And the answer that we default to is MORE.  More practice, more lessons, more time.  And we barely have time for schoolwork, let alone free time for our son's and daughters to just be kids.

But the REAL answer that will supercharge results is to GET MORE out of the work your kid is ALREADY putting in.  And in this episode Mike shares some tremendous methods on how to do just that.

If you enjoy the podcast give us a review on iTunes (it helps us spread the message, I'd appreciate it!) and be sure to follow Mike on instagram @mikeszczesniak (I know!) and check out his podcast The Results's fantastic on all things performance and efficiency.

Go get em today guys!!



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