Baseball Notes with Clint McGill

Episode 18 - The Principles of Big League Swing Movements w/ Mike Brumley

January 29, 2020

Hitting coordinator Mike Brumley of the Atlanta Braves joins us today to share his experience and knowledge of over 35 years in Major League Baseball.

Here Mike shares how he went of for two SEASONS in youth baseball, Ted Williams' #1 key to hitting, the two key swing movements that successful hitters share, the relationship between the hand load and leg load before the swing, how "barrel inside of the hands" is a superior teaching cue to "hands inside the baseball" and much more.

If you care to check out Mike's hitting sequence that he puts 10 year olds and 25 year old pros through, go to and check out the Brumley Unchained Method.  He put me through it (as you'll see in the training) and it is're gonna love it.

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