Baseball Notes with Clint McGill

Episode 14 - Does playing multi sports *really* help, the biggest mistake parents make in the recruiting process and the biggest opportunity for players to play in college

December 4, 2019

Coach Jason Ferber (@coachferber on IG) is one of the most popular baseball personalities in the game today and has extensive experience with the college recruiting process, having helped guide 100's of HS ballplayers to all levels of college ball and is a WEALTH of knowledge & today shares with us:


- If specializing in one sport vs Multi sport seems to have any success patterns at his level

- The biggest separator of young athletes (hint: it's not skill or even mental)

- The biggest mistake and money grab that parents run into

- Where to start when compiling a college wish list

- The biggest opportunity for HS players to stand out to college coaches today

...and much more.


This was one of my favorite interviews so far, so insightful.  Let me or coach Ferb know if you have any questions.  Hope you enjoy!  Go get em!

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