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A Dad’s Journey to Raising a Flame Thrower with The Pitching Ninja Rob Friedman

September 26, 2019

Today's Guest is Rob Friedman, better known to many as Twitter's Pitching Ninja!


Rob not only has one of the top (if not THE top) baseball accounts on Twitter, which is referenced NIGHTLY by top MLB pitchers...


...but Rob has also raised his own son to become one of the top pitching prospects in the state of Georgia.


So throughout the father/son baseball journey, Rob dove DEEP into the mechanics of pitching and visited the top pitching coaches/schools in the country and has a VERY strong understanding of what is important and what is not when it comes to throwing a baseball well.


In this episode you'll hear Rob discuss: why pitching lessons can hinder a young player, what young pitchers SHOULD be focusing on, the pitfalls of video and what you must take VERY seriously if your player is serious about playing in college/pro ball (this was not what I had expected him to say!)


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Go get em today!!!

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