Baseball Notes with Clint McGill

#27 - A better model for youth baseball? With Jon Solomon of the Aspen Institute

July 30, 2020

Ever wonder if there's a better way to do this whole youth sports experience?  During this pandemic I think there's an opportunity for all of to question if what we are currently doing is because it's the BEST way...


...or it's just because we've always done it this way.


And on this episode, Jon Solomon from The Aspen Institute and Project Play joins us to share the decades of expertise in studying youth sports here in the US as well as countries across the globe, to show us areas we can improve and what other countries are doing that we could adopt.


In a world that seems to have been flipped on it's head we should not miss this opportunity to improve youth sports, so let me know what you think of the episode and go SUBSCRIBE at, their info is top notch!


Go get em today!!



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