Baseball Notes with Clint McGill

Episode 28 - The 5 Movement Patters Your Athlete MUST Master w/ Zach Dechant of TCU Baseball

September 17, 2020

In this episode we have the great Zach Dechant joining us from TCU Baseball.  Zach is the head strength and conditioning coordinator for the baseball team (also works with QB's) and today he shares GOLD on what our young athletes are missing out on in today's training.

Zach shares some secrets from his book, Movement Over Maxes, like the top 5 Movement patterns an athlete must master (and rarely does) before they start lifting weights at 14/15+ years old - why how-to-jump-properly is NEVER taught and is such a valuable tool and what is the #1 biggest predictor of youth UCL (elbow) injury (you'll want to hear this!)

Find more info from Zach at, and be sure to follow him on Instagram at @zachdechant (pronounced "Day-kint")

Enjoy, and be sure to check out our free video on The 3 Most Common Swing Flaws That Youth Hitters Must Avoid (with MLB hitting coach Mike Brumley!)

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